Dream Analysis

Liara Covert offers  dream interpretation services and follow-up interactive exercises as a step to help you gain wisdom and practical insight for direction you can take from here.  

Liara has been interpreting dreams since 1993.  She allows a keen awareness in dreamwork and soul work to blossom through direct experience and writes about it.

She draws from psychology, intuition and shamanic work, to guide dreamers to explore connections between their sleeping dreams and their waking lives.

By offering interactive exercises, Liara assists dreamers to understand and eliminate nightmares, to identify self-limiting behaviours and release emotional obstacles, to read accurate messages about relationships and life situations and come away with action steps they can apply to waking life.

You can use dreams to gain deeper insight into your life purpose, health and well-being, relationships, career, spirituality or any other area of your existence. 

Liara helps clients one-on-one and in groups;

  • to strengthen dream recall
  • to use dreams as tools and stepping stones for dramatic life transformation
  • to recognize the real reasons why particular dreams come up when they do
  • to identify questions or perceived problems that arise in dreams
  • to be aware of different ways of decoding useful insights from dreams
  • to be clearer about the role of beliefs, emotions and conditioning in life choices
  • to access existing dream intuition
  • to benefit from dream alchemy exercises

 Mini, brief and longer (more detailed) dream interpretations are available. 

Contact us for phone, email and skype options

We have prices for email & phone dream interpretations, and phone/ in-person options for life coaching where dream therapy can be included.  Fees are paid over phone by credit card or bank transfer.  A payment gateway will soon be live for pre-session payments.