Life Coaching

Wonder why you do not get the results you want? How does your own life invite you be happy?  Would you like to experience more loving relationships?  Would you like to savour freedom and beauty where you are? Would you like to more clarity about your business and life in general? If you struggle, seek direction, wish to build confidence, or find balance in life transitions, we invite you to be empowered. 

Life coaching can assist you to:

  • Stop making excuses & take action
  • Reclaim personal power
  • Communicate more freely & develop assertiveness
  • Recognize physical, mental, psychological & emotional well-being
  • Reveal to yourself what needs to be done to alter your conditions
  • Get your ideas & projects organized
  • Focus on tailoring social skills and adjusting personality traits
  • Put into practice choices that bring greater work-life balance 
  • Effectively make career and lifestyle changes

Dream Therapy

Who does the interpretation & what qualifications does the person have?

I offer the dream therapy.  I have been intepreting dreams since 1993 when, as a student, I discovered an article that said strengthening dream recall actually strengthens conscious memory.  Inspired, I put this into practice to sharpen my memory and became a self-taught dream interpreter.  Over time, I wrote a series of dream journals, talked more and more about the power of dreams and helped a lot of people.  One thing led to another and I was a regular newspaper columnist. My university and research work training includes both psychology and psychoanalysis.  I have done thousands of dream intepretations.

What is the nature of a given interpretation?

I address a given dream on different levels and offer a variety of possibilities for dreamers to consider. Sample short interpretations can be viewed on the Dreambuilders Australia blog. My intention is to empower dreamers to recognize a wealth of insight right here.

How long does it take to receive a dream interpretation?

This varies according to circumstances. Usually, I get back to you within 48 hours with either an interpretation, or a list of questions related to it. After you respond to questions, I may take another 48 hours or longer, depending on the number of requests in the queue. If the timeline of my response is a crucial, let me know in your initial email.  Ask if I can provide you with a response within the time frame you desire, before making payment.


My books are set up  to invite self-reflection and journalling.  The material is also well-suited for exchanges and interactive groups.  Find out more and attend.  Be more aware of the full range of experience and emotion available to you.  Rediscover your real value.


Contact us to discuss options for your speaking events. Length and nature of talks are tailored to suit your audience, venue and the occasion.  Be engaged and inspired!


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