Biography - Liara Covert Ph.D.


Liara Covert is an empowerment guide. She offers tools and services that invite clients to be more aware of the nature of thoughts, emotions, and patterns so they are more awake to their authentic being. She draws from traditional training as well as insight into energy healing arts.

She readily moves outside her comfort zone to send a powerful message.  She demonstrates with enthusiasm that you create the life you live and you also have power to change it.  Her life illustrates that you can adapt and grow from any circumstance and chalk it all up to experience.

Her life path draws from diverse roles and experiences in 60 countries. A dynamic speaker, dream therapist and author of multiple books, she is excited about her new Inspirational Mentors series that offers up close and personal perspectives about inner joy and success.

Liara, who lives in Melbourne with her husband Brett and son Tashi, reveals that the soul is a pilot that communicates what matters through everything.  You see what you willingly accept.


Inspirational Mentors series (New! coming soon)

Paths to Awakening (paperback, February 2012)

Be Your Dream (paperback, InnerCircle Publishing, June 2011, 128pgs).

Transform Your Life: 730 Inspirations (paper, InnerCircle Pub, June 2010, 404 pgs).

Cosmic Synchronicity (paperback, InnerCircle Pub, February 2010, 154pgs)

Self-Disclosure: Changes from Within (hard, Strategic Books, Mar 2009, 308pgs)

Harness the Energy of Your Dreams (April 2010)
Soul Work: 50 Exercises to align mind, body and spirit (Sept 2009)
Expand Consciousness Now (Aug 2009)

Excerpts in:
The Quote Effect by Davina Hainsell

Grab Your Tiger: How 110 Women Made the First Move to Capture the Men of Their Dreams (Paperback, 2007) by Kathy Schwadel.

Radio Host:
She has a regular Dreambuilders Australia Blog Talk Radio Show and is also co-host with Steven L. Hairfield (The American Monk) and Jeoff Hutcherson on Aware Talk Radio.

She has experience as a regular dream columnist in a Canadian newspaper as well as writing for on-line magazines.