Soul work

by Liara Covert Ph.D.

50 Exercises to Align Mind Body & Spirit e-workbook

Soulwork, a book by Liara CovertThis ebook is structured as a journalling workbook.  It invites you to write as a means of allowing you to get in touch with different levels of self.  It compliments your personal journey of self-reflection as well as serves as a tool for more in-depth coaching. 

Notice how you think and feel about yourself manifests as your reality in the external world.  Know you are doing the best you can and coming to recognize the value of the silent, non-judging observer within. Notice every moment offers opportunities to learn lessons to advance your soul's path and spiritual expansion. 

Notice what happens as you consciously love yourself as you are, that is, give up self-criticism and self-defeating behaviours.  Notice what happens as you welcome what is whole, perfect and complete and open to the wisdom within.  What happens as it occurs to you that you truly need nothing and are already everything?

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