Self-mastery book series

New March 2012

Self-Mastery Series

365 Paths to Love (Book 1: Body Awareness)

192 pages

Cost: $14.95 AUD

Dream Builders Australia

ISBN: 978-0-9872926-0-5

If you are like many people, you think you are on a quest for some kind of love.  You may be conditioned to think you lack something.  Perhaps you seek romantic strategies, deeper friendships, family or other connections, or you would like to be kinder to yourself.  

Regardless of your experience, love is not what you think.  As you begin to see love as a teacher, you discover surprising answers as you look in the mirror and get better acquainted with different parts of your body. This is a stepping stone to going deeper into mental and spiritual awareness (the focus of book 2 & 3 of this series). 

Explore insights about love you can tap into any day of the year.  Discover gems the author gains from interacting with people of many different cultures and how she has come to see the common thread of love from listening to soul. Get ready to open your heart, to recognize the nature of your beliefs  and be aware of timeless, inner wisdom.

Take advantage of this book full of quotes, checklists, proverbs, expressions, points of reflection and basic yoga and other exercises to raise body awareness.  Trigger your own remembering, forgetting and letting go of perceptions and practices you outgrow. 

By popular demand, especially by readers of Transform Your Life: 730 Inspirations, this new book contains many inspirational quotes about love.  Journal your own musings.

Raise awareness of the attitudes, thoughts and feelings that echo or postpone living your ideal.  Notice how everything you learn and unlearn about love serves you.   Notice the outer world invites you to appreciate every body part and also to live authentically.

  • Which cultural expressions and proverbs stand out for you?
  • What cultural practices resonate with you to express love?
  • Explore these questions and much more.

Join us for the book launch Saturday March 24th in Melbourne.  See Events for details.

Self-Mastery Series

Coming March 2013

Be Yourself (Book 2: Mind Awareness)

Cost: $14.95 AUD

Dream Builders Australia

ISBN: 978-0-9872926-0-6

This book picks up where book one leaves off.  When it comes to love, new perspectives in the development of Mankind are opening.  You are invited to move from body awareness of love (and practice) to mind awareness of love.  Grow more conscious of your nner dialogue though and what it tells you about love.  Each section offers quotations, insights, draws from proverbs, and glimpses of Eastern wisdom.  Take a quantum leap into all you are becoming. Be the master you are.  Lose the mind.  Watch what happens.

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