Be your Dream

by Liara Cover Ph.D.

Knowing dream secrets is key to your true power.

Be your Dream - your dreams; the secret to your true powerReady to decode your dreams? View through the eyes of the ego, the dream analyst within, and through the lens of the heart.

Liara's fourth print book invites you notice that everyone has more than one way of dreaming, more than one way to open to clarity.  Intepretation of dreams begins in the mind and evolves and changes with you over perceived time. There is more going on than you realize! Versions of the truth are visible through the filters of mind, the lens of the heart and cosmic oneness. What stands out?

Awaken to how you think and feel and how it all serves you. Imagine the revelations as you awaken to how you create, judge and examine or simply feel the vibes of dreams.

How do you decode your life purpose? What does success mean for you? Do divine forces or spirituality fit in? What do the mind and heart tell you about emotional stability? clarity? Who is the ultimate dreammaker? What is the big dream?

You are here, now, ready to be more aware of what your own dreams are telling you. Notice what you selectively ignore about your motivations and gut feelings. Notice how every choice you make or do not make in your waking life is also inviting you to explore deeper.

How do you begin to recognize deeper messages? How do your dreams drive or control you? Notice all dreams offer opportunities to be more aware of underlying reasons for behaviour, personality traits and other nuances seen more objectively through the lens of your entire being.

It is said life is the greatest teacher. The desire to make the dream state and experiences better arises in the mind. The willingness to be open to the unfolding in different perceptions of reality draws attention to the heart. What happens to the dream as mind and heart are seen as one?

Step back and consider what is it like to be willing to lose your whole world. Discover why this is the right moment to step back and recognize how and why you dream. This goes beyond symbolism, goals,sand sleep states to invite you to open up to more than words can say. Discover that every moment is the perfect moment to see what is being revealed to and through you.

Only as consciousness frees itself from the dream state do you tap into untapped energy and feel the internal mechanism that triggers new revelations about why you exist and what is happening beyond physical senses. The essence of being is already here.

  • Key points for reflection & journalling
  • 90 inspirational quotes
  • 37 Affirmations
  • 6 amazing testimonials

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About the Author

Liara Covert invites you to awaken to the nature of who you are. Through self-inquiry, you can come to realize the very truth about different layers of your own dreaming and also pure consciousness. Her books are offered as tools for your consideration, journalling and inner work. Listen to her on Dreambuilders Australia Blog Talk Radio and Aware Talk Radio. Visit her Dreambuilders blog