Knowing dream secrets is key to your true power.

Be your Dream - your dreams; the secret to your true powerReady to decode your dreams? View through the eyes of the ego, the dream analyst within, and through the lens of the heart.

Liara's fourth print book invites you notice that everyone has more than one way of dreaming, more than one way to open to clarity.  Intepretation of dreams begins in the mind and evolves and changes with you over perceived time. There is more going on than you realize! Versions of the truth are visible through the filters of mind, the lens of the heart and cosmic oneness. What stands out?

Awaken to how you think and feel and how it all serves you. Imagine the revelations as you awaken to how you create, judge and examine or simply feel the vibes of dreams.

How do you decode your life purpose? What does success mean for you? Do divine forces or spirituality fit in? What do the mind and heart tell you about emotional stability? clarity? Who is the ultimate dreammaker? What is the big dream?

You are here, now, ready to be more aware of what your own dreams are telling you. Notice what you selectively ignore about your motivations and gut feelings. Notice how every choice you make or do not make in your waking life is also inviting you to explore deeper.

How do you begin to recognize deeper messages? How do your dreams drive or control you? Notice all dreams offer opportunities to be more aware of underlying reasons for behaviour, personality traits and other nuances seen more objectively through the lens of your entire being.

It is said life is the greatest teacher. The desire to make the dream state and experiences better arises in the mind. The willingness to be open to the unfolding in different perceptions of reality draws attention to the heart. What happens to the dream as mind and heart are seen as one?

Step back and consider what is it like to be willing to lose your whole world. Discover why this is the right moment to step back and recognize how and why you dream. This goes beyond symbolism, goals,sand sleep states to invite you to open up to more than words can say. Discover that every moment is the perfect moment to see what is being revealed to and through you.

Only as consciousness frees itself from the dream state do you tap into untapped energy and feel the internal mechanism that triggers new revelations about why you exist and what is happening beyond physical senses. The essence of being is already here.

  • Key points for reflection & journalling
  • 90 inspirational quotes
  • 37 Affirmations
  • 6 amazing testimonials

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About the Author

Liara Covert invites you to awaken to the nature of who you are. Through self-inquiry, you can come to realize the very truth about different layers of your own dreaming and also pure consciousness. Her books are offered as tools for your consideration, journalling and inner work. Listen to her on Dreambuilders Australia Blog Talk Radio and Aware Talk Radio. Visit her Dreambuilders blog

Woman discovers key to life while caring for her mother with cancer.

Cosmic SynchronicityFrom the author of Self-Disclosure: Changes from Within comes a new tool to guide you to expand your own awakening.

Lasting change only unfolds as you open to awareness and truly listen to all the signs and signals.  Notice the nature of voices of body-mind-spirit and what you block out.

What would you say if adversity and every thought and feeling inside suddenly made more sense? What if talk of pending energy shifts and immortality of the soul are invitations to step outside the matrix?  What if every encounter is an invitation to love yourself more.

As you listen more closely, you notice questions arising within and opt to answer.  You sense everyone has opportunities to learn, forget, remember, allow and resist.  Your responses to everything guide your perceived destiny and what comes next.

You move beyond what you think you know in the mind to feel your way through timeless lessons.  Rediscover what part of you is and is not.  Your true character is re-emerging in the present.

Remember the choices to feel, accept and surrender as well as the alternatives you may choose and how they guide your existence.  You have power to transform your thinking and savour more joy.

Even now, you are accelerating vibrations in the heart field. You bring your shadows to the surface as well as begin to recognize the nature of self-created illusions. This is part of a process to empower you to awaken to all you are. The implications are staggering.  There is no end, no death.  Forget everything you are ever taught.

The truth is something else.  You transcend the physics of the impossible to reconnect with truth. You are no longer willing to compromise the real you.  The key to everything is unconditional love.  This journey is about strengthening your character, about being more alert to your feelings, and being empathic and compassionate with others. You are aligning with Cosmic Synchronicity.  Allow divine nature to reveal itself.

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About the Author

Photo of Liara CovertLiara Covert empowers you to step back from perceived conditions and recognize deeper messages of the heart.  She inspires you to raise self-awareness, to witness how you think and feel and gain new insight.    This book exists to find its way into the scope of anyone ready to take the next step in a more conscious transformation.  Her e-books include Explore Consciousness Now and Soul Work: 50 Exercises to align mind, body & spirit. Learn more about her radio shows, projects at the Dreambuilders Australia Blog

Expand Consciousness Now offers a series of articles, tips and points for reflection. 

Expand Consiousness Now bookThey highlight we are each responsible for our own experiences.  This includes thoughts and emotions.  All that we think becomes our experience. Whether we think we have reason to believe or disbelieve, to know or doubt, thoughts can be altered.  Every negative thought draws attention to resentment, guilt, criticism, fear and anger. Moving beyond the conditioned patterns and rationalizing is part of this journey.

Expanding consciousness is about being aware of how you think and feel in this moment and letting go of everything else including; perceptions of the past, negative feelings, resistance and anything that appears to hold you back from self-approval and acceptance.  To love self unconditionally is to know in the heart everything is possible and only ever going well.

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Talking to a stranger in passing on a public bus leads to risk-taking and huge rewards.

Self-Disclosure BookJust that simple interaction set in motion a romance with a partner 18,000 km away.  And from then on, nothing is the same.

Ever contemplate your priorities between relationship and career? Know the feeling of hesitation at the prospect of big life changes? What happens as you discover the best things in life are free?

With the revelation that love is why she exists, the author discovers more than she imagined.  The desire for more propels her on travels around the world.  She discovers that destiny involves an engaging dialogue between the mind and the heart. Are emotions, guardian angels, God or Higher forces the ultimate guide?

This adventure triggers revelations about self-awareness, healing and personal growth.  It isn’t only the journey of one person; this is a universal journey that invites recognizing and mastering fear on route to unconditional love and acceptance. 

Awaken the dormant parts of your true self and understand how to identify the truth about yourself as you are now.  Self-Disclosure: Changes from Within offers lessons learned and journal exercises to help readers unleash their own potential and experience limitless happiness.

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About the Author

Liara Cover photoLiara Covert has taken conventional and unconventional training in communications, cross-disciplinary studies and psychology. She feels privileged to learn from leading thinkers in areas of spiritual growth.  She is alumnus of CEDS, the Sorbonne and ISU (France), Oxford (U.K.) and McGill (Canada).  Her awareness is enriched by experiences in over fifty countries.  It is her hope to empower others so they build faith, trust, and confidence in their dreams, as well as in what they do not always understand.  This is her first book.

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50 Exercises to Align Mind Body & Spirit e-workbook

Soulwork, a book by Liara CovertThis ebook is structured as a journalling workbook.  It invites you to write as a means of allowing you to get in touch with different levels of self.  It compliments your personal journey of self-reflection as well as serves as a tool for more in-depth coaching. 

Notice how you think and feel about yourself manifests as your reality in the external world.  Know you are doing the best you can and coming to recognize the value of the silent, non-judging observer within. Notice every moment offers opportunities to learn lessons to advance your soul's path and spiritual expansion. 

Notice what happens as you consciously love yourself as you are, that is, give up self-criticism and self-defeating behaviours.  Notice what happens as you welcome what is whole, perfect and complete and open to the wisdom within.  What happens as it occurs to you that you truly need nothing and are already everything?

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Witty glimpses into the lives of 365 men and 365 women and how they inspire and guide you to awakening and realize your potential.

Realize your potential to Transform your lifeReady for a transformation?

Receptive to raising self-awareness?

Ready to realize your potential?

Benefit from lessons learned. Discover what truly matters. Notice how your own mentors are guiding you to recognize untapped abilities and dormant qualities as stepping stones to realize your potential, clarify purpose and feel successful.

Gain insight not only into how the author relates her life to 730 themes, but also take steps to explore points of self-reflection, and expand your own awareness through journal exercises.  Write as part of this choose-your-own adventure. Notice it is your response to life’s situations and events that reveal who you are.

Use as a daybook for an entire year or, open to pages of your choice, at any moment, according to theme or indescribable impulse. Your path is your own and yet, it is also connected to everyone, everywhere.

  • Notice inspirations stem from varied cultures & walks of life.
  • Read 735 inspirational quotes that offer glimpses of universal lessons.
  • Ponder how you view the external world and self-awareness.
  • Reflect on ideas of succcess, healing & remembering.
  • Know this book is empowering you and others right now.
  • Realize your potential through mentors and leaders.

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About the Author

Liara Covert, currenty residing in Melbourne, is a life coach, spiritual teacher, author & transformation guru. She shares insight gained through life and travel experience in 60 countries. Through mentors, she is able to realize her potential; you can too.